Arrays for the detection of SNPs. Single Nucleotide Polimorphism

Arrays for the detection of «Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms» or SNPs are widely used to determine different polymorphisms in a population.

DNA chips can be used to genotype or «read» the sequences of a particular genome at certain positions. Small oligonucleotides are capable of identifying single nucleotide polymorphisms that could be responsible for genetic variations within a population, the source of susceptibility to different genetic diseases and even certain types of cancer.

In general, the application of these techniques of genotyping is forensic, since they are quick to discover or measure the predisposition for diseases or even allow the use of certain drugs to treat diseases according to the DNA of the patient or donor.

SNPs Arrays are also used for the identification of somatic mutations in cancer, especially the loss of heterozygosity, the amplification or deletion of DNA regions in the individual genome of affected patients, i.e. the detection of chromosomal aberrations.


Detection of mutations and polymorphisms of a single gene or small group of genes (SNP).
Prediction of response to a treatment.

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