Genetic counseling

We have no doubts that very soon all of us will have the complete information encoded in our genome in our hands, and it will be crucial to understand how to use this information for our health and well-being: Helping patients and health professionals to improve everybody’s quality of life, while making public health care system more cost-efficient and preventing diseases.

Genetic experts at your disposal

We consider us fortunate for having an excellence team of medical professionals and genetic counselors. With qClinics we provide quality genomic medicine and genetic counseling services, closing the gap between innovative technology, the specialist non-geneticist doctor and the patient; turning our knowledge on the human genome into tangible medicinal solutions.

“We make personalized and precision genomic medicine a reality”

Genetic counseling PATIENTS

Contamos con un equipo de genetistas clínicos genetistas moleculares y asesores genéticos que garantizan la mejor atención para la particularidad de cada paciente.

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We help you to find out

Whether you carry a high risk of developing a hereditary disease

How you can reduce these risks

If you respond better to specific medications

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Nuestros expertos en genética te explicarán las consecuencias de tu historia familiar, de la utilidad potencial de los tests genéticos para identificar riesgos y prevenir enfermedades, así como en el diagnóstico y el manejo de enfermedades.

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Support for health care professionals

We know that there are situations where the support of specialized professionals with a profound knowledge of the underlying clinical genetics is important, and we know that, above all, the ultimate goal is to help your patient. We guide and consult health professionals so they can make the best decisions for their patients.

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