Genomics for human health

Medical Genetics

"The strong background in genomics and medical genetics of the members of our team allows us to advise our customers on the most suitable genetic/-omic assay/technology for answering the specific questions to disentangle each case".

CGH microarrays are a powerful analysis tool to detect gains and losses of DNA fragments of small size in the genome of any organism. In humans, some of these alterations have been described as the cause of different genetic diseases, associated with different forms of intellectual disability and birth defects. In some cases, those alterations are below the resolution limits of the cytogenetic techniques (and hence called submicroscopic aberrations) that have been used historically to study these patients.

Microarray studies can be useful in a wide range of medical disciplines. Depending on each clinical case, it might be necessary to use a certain type of microarray or another, which differ in the number of probes that comprise regions of the genome and interrogating. We offer different types of microarrays for different healthcare areas: