Genomics for human health

The Team

"At qGenomics coexist different types of living organisms, that under dimmed laboratory lights, between boring meetings, visits to the coffee machine, corridor discussions, and beach volley games, do quite a bit of work too …"

Upon arrival, biological samples show-up at the sample prep laboratory where they are registered, processed and QC-tested by our talented technicians before initiating the corresponding analysis pipeline. If samples are qualified, different platform specialists will handle them appropriately on the molecular biology laboratory depending on the requested genetic test. Next to them, our laboratory geneticists will take care of the produced data and prepare the adequate report for each analyzed case. When difficult cases come to scene, they are throughly discussed with our gurus (also known as experts committee).

Our marketing and sales department will work their best to have our customers satisfied, be responsive to market needs and opportunities, fly away to introduce new products and coordinate with the rest of team so the compromises taken become a reality.

Administration makes sure that bills are paid, our work invoiced and that every month we can bring some money to our patient families.

In an attempt to make sure this symbiotic community will propagate longer and broader, the R&D team spends time traveling, meeting with intelligent people, developing software, messing around with new machines and constantly seeking for new opportunities.

Associated organisms (hosts, symbionts and parasites) provide us with regulatory, legal and managerial advice so we can do our work more efficiently and broaden our mind into the real world. A general manager also hangs around, trying to keep things in place, organized and working as smoothly as possible.


qGenomics Laboratory People Terrace
From left to right, in the back: Maria Jesús, Olaya, Sònia, Ben and Lluís. In front, Xavi, Cristina and Manel