Genomics for human health

Our vision, mission and values

"We basically enjoy doing science (and especially genomics), we love the R&D, and we want people to live longer and in better condition, and to this end, we offer the latest advances in genetic diagnosis. For many reasons, we also believe that a private company is the ideal environment to achieve this goal and much more: better people and a better society."

qGenomics's vision is to become an international reference in product development and implementation of services derived from -omics research in medical settings, so we act as catalysts between basic research and clinical practice, transforming the latest  -omics
technologies into useful products for the clinical routine.

As a spinoff company that emerged from public institutions, we make a commitment to our fellow citizens and aim at closing the virtuous
R&D circle, by working to improve welfare and health condition of those who, through their taxes, contribute to basic research in our country.